Saskatchewan's Premier Food Experience.

Always fresh. Always prepared with passion, heart, and soul.  Are you ready to take Biggar Bites?


Professional Personalized Cuisine

Do you eat to live or live to eat? I pick the latter. Eating invokes so many levels of emotions and memories. I'm here to cultivate that journey for each and every guest I serve - creating an experience they will rave about.

Food Truck

Bitchin' Good Food

A delicious, eye-catching menu, hand-crafted for those on the go. We're serving fun and funky options at your next big event. You'll spot our big yellow truck at AG in Motion, The YXE Food Truck Wars, Ness Creek, & more!


Dine-in Delicious

I want my eatery to give off home-style vibes. That feeling like you just dropped in at my farm and are at my kitchen table. It's time to slow down in this crazy world. Come sit down and enjoy a tasty meal with friends and family. I promise it will be worth it.

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