Wedding Catering + Food Truck. Putting Quality Food First.

We're creating a new experience with food. Always fresh. Always prepared with passion, heart, and soul.  Are you ready to take Biggar Bites?

The catering

This Isn't Your Cookie Cutter Food Experience

Our team works closely with individuals and families to bring a new food experience to their event. We provide wedding catering that is outside of the box, adding our unique flare that is certain to wow your guests. This isn't about offering a cookie cutter menu for you to chose from, it's about developing the perfect meals for your very special occasion.

Quality Food First

Our team cooks with heart and soul every time we step into the kitchen. We're sharing our love of great tasting food with you and your guests.

Always Freshly Prepared

This isn't store-bought. This wasn't pre-prepared and reheated. This is fresh, and hot, and prepared just for you. Always.

Tailored Approach

We're cooking food that will impress. It's what happens when your desires meet our delicious food. A tailored approach, every time.

Let's Plan Something Delicious 

You want this day to be remembered. You want everything to be "just like you dreamed". Don't let a mediocre meal stand in your way. Get in touch with our wedding catering team and start planning something delicious.

The food truck

Delicious Food. On the Go

Don't limit yourself to only having deliciously cooked food at the table back home. After a hard day's (or morning's) work, you deserve quality, and Biggar Bites is here to serve it to you while you're on the go. Our food truck operates on the Corner of Main & 3rd in Biggar SK, and at many surrounding events. Managed by experienced owner, Marcy Ellis, there's always a little something for everyone coming out of our truck.

Looking for a menu? You can get our weekly menu from Facebook by clicking the button below.

Meet Marcy

Owner & Food Extraordinaire 

Currently making home on a farm east of Biggar, Saskatchewan, Marcy grew up with a love for food, family, and friends. Often the mother cooking for, or tending the canteen at, local sporting events for her children, she was that outgoing parent that you could always have a good laugh with. 

After "doing it all" as a parent, her children have grown up, and she's got big aspirations with delicious food. Founding her ideal wedding catering business, Biggar Bites, she is often serving that perfect meal for a special occasion or cooking up a storm in her food truck during the warmer months. 

Marcy Ellis, Owner | 1-306-948-7394

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