Catering with quality food and unmatched passion.

Our drive to step outside of the box and offer a catering service that challenges the cookie-cutter approach sets us apart.

We're Challenging the Limits of Catering

If you've ever been met with the same catering meals cooked over, and over, again, you'll understand this all too well. We believe in the magic that happens when everything comes together perfectly for an event. When people come up and tell you what an awesome job your caterers did. When you leave knowing you made the right choice. 

This is Biggar Bites. We are a full-service catering company that pushes the boundaries, challenges the norms in our industry, and works with each and every client to make their occasion, event, or meeting, one that will be remembered. 

Our Catering Process


Your Research

The process begins when you hear about Biggar Bites. You will have hopefully checked out our website, Facebook, and Instagram, and are researching to ensure we are your perfect fit. Tip: we've discussed 10 things you should ask your catering company on our blog here.


Contacting Our Team

Once you've done your research, you'll reach out to chat with our team. Marcy will be your contact on our end, and will respond to your request as soon as she is available. During this conversation, she will ask questions to get a sense of what you are looking for, explain her company a bit more, and toss some ideas back and forth for you to ponder.


We Begin Planning Your Meal

Once we've had a chance to talk, I'll head back and begin planning your special meal. At this stage, you'll start to see our relationship forming. This is an integral part of the process as it allows us to truly perfect the food that will be presented, prepared, and consumed at your event. We'll check in periodically with you to provide process updates as we plan.


The Day of Your Event

Your special day has arrived, and you want everything to be perfect. Our team will handle the catering aspect, and leave you to mingle with friends and family (or prepare for that big meeting with corporate). Meal cards with access to download some of your delicious recipes will be available for your tables, and our team will handle the serving and clean-up.


Reflection, Reviews, and Payment

At the conclusion of your event, we will discuss the service you were provided, give you access to our online feedback form, and ask that if you were satisfied with Biggar Bites, you leave a review for us online. Payment will be made in full, and we will be on our way. We'll be sure that you aren't left with any of our mess before we depart as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer some of those burning questions you have about our catering. If we don't cover a topic here, you can always discuss it with us in your initial consult.

How are your meals served?

Our team has decided to go with a fully served layout for our meals. This means that buffet style "serve yourself" will not be provided with our catering service at Biggar Bites. Your meal will be served to you and your guests at their tables. This is more efficient, brings a far more upscale feel to the meal portion of your event, and allows us to provide a healthier and more sanitary eating experience to your attendees. 


Is dessert included with the meal?

Your meal will typically be 2-3 course (depending on what we discuss prior to your event). They usually consist of a salad, entree, and dessert. This is one of the discussions you will have with Marcy during the planning stages of our catering.


Do I need to leave a deposit?

We do not require a deposit. Biggar Bites is grounded in the honour system, and we just require payment in full at the conclusion of our service. 


How many people will be helping you?

This depends on the scale and complexity of the meal that we are serving to your event, and the number of individuals in attendance. We can assure you that with each event we do, we have enough people in the kitchen to ensure a smooth meal transition. Our goal is to have everyone served in a timely fashion.


What sort of food do you cook?

As you've probably already read, we aren't a cookie cutter catering company and are very proud of this. We are stepping outside of the box and cooking meals that wow your guests. Tacos for midnight lunch? Sure! Elegant little pasta cups instead of a salad? We've done that too! We are big foodies, and enjoy experimenting and trying new things with our catering. If you have an idea you'd like to try, be sure to ask Marcy about it in your initial consult.


Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Of course! Our team is well-versed in being able to cook and prepare a multitude of meals, for a varying range of dietary restrictions. Our very first meal was a gluten free, lactose-free, vegan wedding. We try and offer more unconventional choices in this space to ensure that your guests are getting the premium quality meals they deserve. We will discuss any meals restrictions with you well in advance of your event.


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