Biggar Bites Eatery

Serving breakfast + lunch walk-ins and takeout, and dinner by reservation only. We're making your dine-out experience delicious. With home-style vibes and an open-concept kitchen, this is a treat you'll be sure to come back for.

breakfast - lunch - Dinner

We're here for the morning coffee crowd. For those commuting to work. For those eating out at lunch. For those picking up on the go. For the 1pm date with friends. For the sit-down dinner with family by reservation. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, you deserve great-tasting food prepared with high-quality ingredients. That's the Biggar Bites Eatery.

Locating Our Eatery

The Biggar Bites Eatery is located on the trucker's route off highway 14 on the east side of Biggar. You can find us on both Google and Apple Maps. See the image below for a town reference point.

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