April 15, 2022

Justine & Landon – Wedding Reflection

Written By: Marcy Ellis  |  Minute Read
Justin & Landon - Wedding Reflection Featured Image by Biggar Bites Catering
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Justin & Landon – 02.05.2022

Justine & Landon - Bride & Groom Photo - Wedding Catering

This couple’s special day began with a backdrop of glistening white snow and thankfully, a mild Saskatchewan winter’s day. I am sure when photographer Erika Riemer arrived, she knew the images she was going to capture would be nothing short of breathtaking. Weddings are a day full of love and laughter, so there’s no doubt that the camera feverishly clicked until the moment she left.

The Wilke Community Hall was transformed into a beautiful event center where family & friends gathered to share a meal and evening of laughter. When we sat down to discuss the reception supper, it quickly became apparent that good food meant a lot to Justine. With her background in nutrition, she wanted a healthy choice but also one that would include guests with food sensitivities. Happily, we worked together to come up with exactly what she was looking for. The menu for their wedding went as such:

 Ancient grain stuffed chicken breast with a white wine & herb butter sauce, roasted baby potatoes topped with dill & parmesan, fresh green beans, Biggar Bites house salad, and brioche buns.

I cannot thank this couple and their families for allowing me to prepare and serve a meal for them. It was a lovely way to begin the 2022 season.

Justine & Landon Wedding Meal - Biggar Bites Catering

A note on my Wedding Reflections:

As a food lover at heart, catering for events like this one for Justine & Landon is something I have an intense passion for. Everything about this meal has to be perfect for the bride, groom, and their families. It’s a special day full of extraordinary people, and that meal needs to be one that they will cherish in their memories. Each wedding Biggar Bites caters for will receive a write-up here on my blog. These short little notes will serve as a reflection into my catering process and the wonderful days I share with each newly wedded bride and groom.

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