September 21, 2022

Eun-Suk Kang & Nick Wiens – Wedding Reflection

Written By: Marcy Ellis  |  Minute Read
Eun-Suk & Nick - Hershel Wedding Reflection by Biggar Bites
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Eun-Suk Kang & Nick Wiens

April 2nd, 2022 was the day this couple chose to begin their married life together. Who doesn’t love spring, especially here in Saskatchewan where we endure countless months of darkness, icy winds and snow. The minute that sun starts to peek out in the East a tiny bit earlier, this province comes to life.

Herschel is a town I have grown up hearing the name of but have never actually been to. I have said many times that I want to go see the petroglyphs and teepee rings yet never find the time to do so. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to head in that direction even though I would have no time for trekking around.

After chatting with Nick regarding the menu and taking note that we had some pretty serious food sensitivities. We worked back and forth to come up with a perfect menu; bacon-wrapped stuffed smoked pork loin with a wild mushroom risotto were the main components, then we snuck in some fresh vegetables, Biggar Bites house salad, and of course, fresh brioche buns.

Couples give me an approximate number of guests when we are doing our initial planning and in all reality it’s safe to say 25% of the guests are unable to make it. But what a nice surprise when Nick messaged me the week prior and said we have more guests than expected. Then the day of the wedding, his brother came to me with fear in his eyes and said we have 3 more guests than we told you. Good thing we always come with more food than needed. Everyone was snuggly tucked into the Herschel hall, but we got them all fed. How nice that so many people wanted to see these two on their special day. The hall was certainly filled with a lot of love.

It was also nice to see how they blended a typical Saskatchewan farming community wedding with Eun -Suk’s Oriental background. Paper lanterns, traditional attire from both family sides, and décor melded the two ethnicities seamlessly. Thank you so much for letting Biggar Bites come and cook for your wedding. The trust you indebt in me is never lost.

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