December 22, 2023

Looking Back on 2023

Written By: Marcy Ellis  |  Minute Read
Looking back on 2023 from Biggar Bites - Saskatchewan's premium catering company
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Holy, what a year we had. Thanks to all my lovely assistants, we pulled off 17 weddings, 17 private food trailer events, 5 large food trailer events, 11 catered functions, 2 rodeos, and 1 reunion. It doesn’t sound like much, but it pretty much all happened within a few months. So, to my help, THANK YOU so very much!!!!

There were a couple of weekends, admittedly, that I may have overextended us a teeny weeny bit. My bad! But all in all, we had a lot of laughs, a few minor burns, some speeding tickets, and, oh ya, our trailer just about ended up in a sinkhole. You had to be there to believe it.

Monika always says we need cameras to film us because no one will believe how many ridiculous things happen when we’re on the road. From Monika jumping out of a moving truck because we hit a bump and forgot to lock the hitch on the trailer (and just about lost it on 22nd street in Saskatoon) to slinging pineapples while standing in water up to my ankles after a second water main break at Food Truck Wars or standing naked in a driveway waiting for Monika to pass me my clothes so we could start serving a wedding reception. This year has truly been a blast.

But all laughs aside, meeting so many wonderful people this year has been a privilege. I’m overjoyed that you chose my Biggar Bites team to be a part of your wedding or event, and sincerely appreciate everyone who has come into my Eatery for a meal. It’s been a truly rewarding experience to open the doors of my own restaurant and be able to experiment as a foodie and serve delicious meals to you. My mornings always started early with the regular coffee + breakfast sandwich crew, continued into a busy lunch crowd from the many working folks around Biggar, and allowed me to serve a sit-down meal for dinner in the evenings. Thank you again for all the love and support.

I’ll be coasting through these last few days of 2023 with a tiny catered meal on the 31st, lots of time spent with my family, and a drink in hand 🍻


Have a very Merry Christmas + cheers to 2024,

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