June 25, 2022

Gayleen & Ken Miller – Anniversary Reflection

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Miller Anniversary - Catered by Biggar Bites
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Miller Anniversary – 05.09.2022

Miller Anniversary - Catered by Biggar Bites

I think it is safe to say that 2022 is the year of weddings. We are experiencing a backlog of earnest brides waiting to set the stage for their dream wedding. I do love weddings but when Gayleen called me asking if I was available to do their 50Th wedding anniversary I felt extremely honoured, to say the least.

The Wilke Hall was adorned in gold decorations; a long table containing cherished moments of this couple’s life together. But what really caught the guest’s eye was Gayleen’s wedding gown looking as lovely as it did the day she wore it some 50 years prior.

Since the mighty strike of Covid, people’s lives had been put on hold. No weddings, funerals or gatherings whatsoever have taken place. Now that restrictions have eased and life is slowly going back to normal people are relishing being able to sit around a table and enjoy a good meal, and conversation.

We did a deconstructed Chicken Cordon Bleu, roast potatoes, green beans and carrots with a ginger butter glaze. House-made brioche buns and a Biggar Bites Salad. This is the ever-changing salad but this time we had blueberries, and parmesan Then there was this one special fella Gayleen knew that would not eat chicken. So for the groom, we did a cold-smoked strip loin with a cracked pepper sauce.

I what to thank this couple for letting me peek in on their special day.

Miller Wedding Anniversary - Group Photo | Biggar Bites Catering

A note on my Wedding & Anniversary Reflections:

As a food lover at heart, catering for events like this one for Gayleen & Ken is something I have an intense passion for. Everything about this meal has to be perfect for the celebrating couple and their families. It’s a special day full of extraordinary people, and that meal needs to be one that they will cherish in their memories. Each wedding or anniversary Biggar Bites caters for will receive a write-up here on my blog. These short little notes will serve as a reflection into my catering process and the wonderful days I share with each couple.

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