September 15, 2022

Misty & Owen – Wedding Reflection

Written By: Marcy Ellis  |  Minute Read
Saskatchewan Wedding Catering by Biggar Bites for Misty & Owen (Featured Image)
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Pahtayken Wedding – 06.04.2022

This wedding seamlessly intertwined what society still to this day cannot. Indigenous and colonial traditions brought together solely to prove it can be done and done with grace.

I have a feeling that Misty has spent her whole life dreaming about her wedding. Dressed in a white gown, walking down the aisle with family surrounding her to the man she plans on spending her life with. Well, that is exactly what happened. The rest of the wedding party looked timeless as well. Owen and the grooms’ men wore tailored black suits, and the bridesmaids had full-length black with lovely fresh flower bouquets.

With a delicate needle and thread, Misty began to sew the fabric of their culture into this special day. On the walls of the tent hung large dream catchers adorned with foliage, a loved and respected auntie stood before the crowd saying a prayer in Cree. I may not have understood the words that left her lips, but I knew they contained accolades of praise and thanks to all that were there that day, ones that have been lost along the way and blessings for what is to come. As a sign of respect, the wedding party stood up, gathered plates of food,  and served their elders the meal. I must say this moment will never be lost for me.

When catering, I am only able to get snippets of how the day unfolds. Squeals of kids running around, conversations filled with laughter and the Emcee making jokes and telling stories. This day that Misty & Owen planned was to bring family and friends together, and it very much did. I feel so lucky to have this job because I get to be a tiny part of such a happy day.

Before Supper Wedding Sampler - Wedding Catering by Biggar Bites Catering

With the wedding and reception being some time apart, no one wanted guests to go hungry. Charcuterie cups filled with surprises of salty crackers, cheeses, briny olives, blackberries, and sweet chocolates sat out for guests to take. We even made a kid’s version with fruit, gummy worms and other sweet treats that were snatched up before we knew it.

Guests were treated to a 5-star meal of Prime Rib, garlic whipped potatoes, broccoli salad, spinach & strawberry salad, and fresh brioche buns. Misty had concerns that some of the kids wouldn’t like roasted beef, so it was decided to make up a Happy Meal, but Biggar Bites style (of course). Homemade Macaroni & Cheese, chicken strips, veggies & dip, and a ring pop were all nicely tucked into a black gift bag. It made it easy for the parents to hold while juggling their own plates and child. It was actually so popular that adults were taking them. Thanks to Misty’s motherly nature, this idea is something we used throughout the rest of the summer, and we certainly plan to continue offering it.

Prime Rib Meal - Saskatoon Wedding Catering by Biggar Bites

Once dishes were cleared from the tables, the band began warming, and it was time for my crew and I to begin preparing the finale of the day. Cardboard beverage boxes were filled with gourmet sandwiches, cookies, bottles of water, and SOS packages the bride made up. At the end of a night like this, you sometimes need a toothbrush, Tylenol or antacid – no judgment here. I’ve been there and wanted them all at once. However, our crew was long gone by the time they were brought out for the guests to enjoy. But I imagine them thinking they died and went to heaven.

Thank you so very much, Misty and Owen; you two were nothing less than fabulous. I hold so much respect for you and appreciate you allowing me to cater this wonderful meal for your special day.

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